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At Sp1Solutions, we combine industry-leading cyber security solutions with our fully managed services to ensure a tailored and robust fit for your business.

10 steps to prevent and protect

Our 10-step managed security process is designed to provide maximum protection from threats and provide a quick and efficient response to suspected breaches.


Our Approach to Managed Cyber Security
  1. Identify/Risk Management – Assess for risks and recommend steps to increase protection.

  2. Protect/secure – design and implement policies and processes to minimise risk.

  3. Monitor – 24/7 monitoring and updates, via industry leading threat-detection systems.

  4. User Privileges - Establish account management Processes 

  5. Assess - review the monitoring logs and highlight potential weakness 

  6. Detect – early detection and warning systems.

  7. Respond – quickly address issues and follow incident management protocol.

  8. Notify - Notify the relevant department 

  9. Training - user education to focus on weakest links  

  10. Recover – managed support and resolution with backup and disaster recovery strategy, if required



The best line of defence is User Awareness Training.
The Cyber threat is constantly evolving. No sooner has one form of attack been addressed than a new one appears.


We believe that the best form of defence is Cyber Security User Training 




Cyber Security Training